Initial and follow-up consults are done in the mother's home,                              which most new mothers find very convenient. A consult                                    includes a thorough medical history for mom and baby.The                              baby is examined for oral or suck difficulties, and the mother’s breasts are examined as well.

                                      I observe at least one feeding with thorough instruction on proper                                          latch and positioning, which are key to successful breastfeeding.                                              Special attention is given to practices to prevent or alleviate sore                                           nipples which can sometimes keep women from meeting their                                                   breastfeeding goals.   

                                     A pre and post feeding weight on a very sensitive digital scale is used to help determine how much milk the baby got at the observed feeding, so an evaluation can be made.   

As the mother and I make a care plan, I will communicate my findings to the pediatrician via fax in order to insure partnership in our goals for a healthy mother/baby dyad.
Follow-up phone calls to assist and answer questions are included in the cost of the consult.

What is a Lactation Consult?
Holly H Newman BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC (209)712-7304