Reimbursement for lactation services is mandated by the Affordable Care Act!
A brief phone call to discuss your situation and needs is free of charge. (209-712-7304)
Fee information :
*An initial consultation in your home of approximately 1 1/4-2 hours is $150. (cost includes my travel to your home if within a 12 mile radius) 
*Outside the N.Stockton/Lodi area will be a $25-50 surcharge for travel. 
*Twins are $200 for initial consultation. 
*Unlimited follow-up phone calls are included in the initial consultation fee.
*$75-125 for a follow up consultation when needed 
*$40 and up for a phone only consultation of longer than 10 minutes
Pre-natal and in-hospital consults also available. Please call for more information.
Fees are payable in full by Venmo, cash or check at the time of the consult and include my transportation to your home. Each client receives a Lactation Visit Reimbursement form which she can use to request reimbursement from her insurance company. 
Remember, reimbursement for lactation services is mandated by the Affordable Care Act.
In evaluating consult fees, consider the cost of formula, estimated to be about $125 a month for twelve months.

Costs, Reimbursement and Testimonials
Holly H Newman BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC
Helpful Breastfeeding Websites:  (La Leche League)  
The San Joaquin County Breastfeeding Coalition
Testimonials.......what clients are saying:

 Holly, I just had to email you and let you know how grateful I am to you. My daughter Charlie is now 14 months old and a smart and healthy little girl. We just finished a year of strictly breastfeeding ( not a drop of formula!!) and had enough milk left over in the freezer for another 1 1/2 months from a bottle. After being unsuccessful breastfeeding my middle child I was absolutely devastated and I was determined with Charlie to do all I could to nurse her successfully. Having you come and consult in the hospital was so terrific and the way you were able to come immediately after delivery was so perfect. When I was struggling on day 4 and in so much pain it was so nice of you to allow us to come to your home for a consult not to mention the countless phone calls. I credit you with helping me achieve my goal I know I could not have done it without you. Charlie and I have such a bond and knowing as a mom I was able to give her the very best and that the benefits will last her a lifetime means so much to me. Whenever I can I tell moms I know as well as my patients at work about you. I can't say enough great things about your patience, knowledge, and your always being available. Both Charlie and I thank you, you have truly been a blessing to us.                                                                     
Thank you,                                                                       
Hi Holly,
28 months ago, you helped me get started with breastfeeding my daughter, Vivi, after I realized somewhat late in the game that my breast reduction would make it difficult for my milk to come out.  I am now 37 weeks pregnant with our second child and thanks to the support, information and encouragement that you gave me still nursing and prepared to tandem nurse.  I am also starting the application process to become a La Leche League leader.  We wouldn't have been able to make it this far without your expertise and support.  Thank you very much!!
Warm regards,
Hi Holly! 
When you came to my home last May I was supplementing my baby and had horribly cracked, bleeding nipples... You told me I could still exclusively breastfeed, and I secretly didn't believe you! Well... I wanted to let you know that I have been exclusively breastfeeding for about 3 weeks now and we are doing great. My baby Elias is 11 weeks and weighs 15 lbs!
Things got worse with the formula before they got better. When you came to our home he was having between 2-4 oz of formula/day but before we knew it he was having up to 15 oz/day! I didn't give up and now my supply is exactly where it needs to be to nourish my healthy baby.
I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your support was exactly what I needed and I appreciate your help :)
Here is a picture of the chunk of awesomeness that is my son :)